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Babies and young children are geniuses when it comes to language learning; their brains are sponges, constantly absorbing the different sounds in their environment. Research suggests that they can easily cope with learning four languages simultaneously.

Painting Eggs


Rusty school French? Never had the opportunity? It’s never too late. Learning through the eyes of your child is fascinating. Plus the use of songs, stories and repetition is a fantastic way to learn at any age.

Aspiring Pilot


You’ll get the resources to practise at home with our bespoke 'Practice at Home' pack that is custom designed for each term. You will be singing around the kitchen table to/with your little one in the foreign language in no time.



Children who use their second language regularly are better at prioritising tasks and multi-tasking compared with monolingual children. They show accelerated progress in literacy, problem solving and in cognitive and linguistic development.

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We cater for all ages and draw upon a variety of techniques to bring the language alive. That’s why you’ll see sensory props, puppets, music, story books, movement (some might call it dance!) and actions to engage all ages.

Little Duckling


Learning a second language and speaking it regularly can improve your cognitive skills and delay the onset of dementia. Speakers of more than one language hold Alzheimer's disease at bay for an extra five years on average.



Ever wished you could order more than a pizza and beer?  Showing a child that you can communicate effectively in a foreign country, including not being afraid to make a few mistakes serves as a great life lesson.

Kids Blowing Bubbles


You’ll hang out with other mums, dads and kids, who will become friends. We believe that coming to a class should be sociable and more than just learning.

We love to bring parents and children together and from there amazing things can happen.



Music is a fantastic learning tool and such a simple way for children to learn and practise a language. Children of all ages love listening to and singing new songs and doing this in a foreign language is no different.